FAQ: frequently asked questions

  • Where can I purchase K-Sport Products?

From Racingshop Germany

  • Can I receive an expert opinion for K-Sport parts from foreign countries?

The K-Sport Group creates technical support in many countries for every customers language. This has the advantage that they are serviced by selected experts, who are been versed with the respective regulations of the country. K-Sport Germany cares for the Central European market, since here special demands are made against the permission regulations by vehicle parts. We have from there many tests, certifications and proofs to furnish to get the permission to K-Sport products for this market. To fulfill the requirements for Europe many products has been reconfigured. This makes it possible to offer our innovative products here legally with permission. For this reason European K-Sport products are also more expensive than in the USA or other countries without TÜV regulations. Vehicle parts do not have to go through procedures of admission over there. To get a road permission for suspension and brake systems means a high technical and financial expenditure. It is not in the sense of K-Sport that European customers import parts from foreign countries, otherwise the company could have saved the national represtentations itself. K-Sport parts from other countries differ from the Germans and they are coming without any road permissons. We can not offer any certifications for imported products. Our service saves much expenditure and annoyance, so the surcharge should be worth.

  • Do K-Sport suspensions and brake-systems have road permission?

If nothing else is noted, we deliver each product with a certification. Still if no certification should be available with new products at the time of the order, we offer a free installation to the first buyer into its vehicle. It makes possible for us to accomplish at this vehicle the investigation for road permission. 
This approach is thus of mutual use, the buyer gets the installation cheaper and we have a vehicle for the appraisal.

  • Only in front can a large brake assembly be installed and not in the back?

If there is only the front brake system installed the brake performance is surely higher on the front axle than with the standard equipment. That is harmless, it would be badly if the rear axle brakes are too strong, because then the car would away-turn when braking. 
The ABS system measures at the rear axle whether the wheels still turns and concludes from it whether the car still rolls or not. If the rear axle still turns, the ABS knows that the car still drives and regulates the brake pressure on the front axle so that this straight so still turns and not blocked. A higher brake performance on the front axle by larger brakes is thus regulated by the ABS. 
The inadmissible case would be, one large brake system only on the rear axle. Then the rear wheels would brake too strongly if one on the pedal step, a blocking would be the result.  If the car not already turned off into the ditch, the ABS thinks at least that the car stands because the rear wheels are not any longer are turning. It will not any longer down-regulate the front brake pressure and will let full pressure through the front caliper. This leads then blocking the front axle. In spite of ABS all four wheels stand and the vehicle cannot any longer be steered in this case.

  • I saw that K-Sport brake calipers have no dust shield seals. How does it look then with the durability?

K-Sport brake calipers have forged aluminum brake pistons with a hardcoat coating. Other manufacturers use steel piston, this rust then with the aluminum caliper together trought humidity. Steel and aluminum do not get along, since a local cell develops (electrochemistry) and the base metal is oxidized. The material mating, the eloxal of the calipers and the Hardcoat coating of the forging pistons prevent a fixed rusting. Further the pistons of other manufacturers are equipped with only one sealing ring, these seal the brake fluid outward. The K-Sport forging brake pistons are equipped with two seals. The internal sealing ring serves the brake fluid (the system keeps close) for sealing, the outside sealing ring prevents the penetration and a determining of dirt.
This building method is most innovative and compact. Conventional dust shield seals are useless with K-Sport brake calipers.

  • Are all suspension-kits with pillowball camber plates supplied?

If the standard-strut is implemented in Mc Pherson building method, the coilover-strut comes with pillow ball camber plates delivered. Vehicles with double wishbones or twist-beam axle, where the strut does not take over guide functions, the coilover struts will be supplied with pillow ball camber plates. With some motor vehicle types these two types are not available for technical reasons, in these cases the standard camber plates are used. Which type in the individual suspension-kit are supplied, you will find in the full list.

  • How low i can setup my car?

Technically a setup wich lowered the car in most cases of 120mm is possible. Some vehicles can be set lower due to the technical conditions only 90-100mm. The TueV examined switching position varies depending upon motor vehicle type.

  • Which measures does the package have in that the parts to be delivered?

The carton has the measures of 20cm x 40cm x 66cm and weighs depending upon contents between 18 and 29kg.

  • How are the brake hoses mounted on the strut?

Mounting elements for the brake hoses are attached to each suspension-kit. The mounting is described in the technique site or in the enclosed fitting instruction.

  • Can I get still harder springs?

It is possible to order harder springs. Please contact us by Phone, Fax or Mail and get a technical advice direct from K-Sport Germany. Such a change of the springs requires however a renewed TÜV decrease.

  • Is it possible to adjust the damper hardness?

The tension stroke damping is adjustable with the enclosed adjusting knurl in inserted condition.

  • Are the suspension-kits delivered with a factory setting of the absorption?

The absorption rate must be adjusted before the first ride. K-Sport recommends completely closed position as absorption basic setup, on the front axle open one full rotation and on the rear axle two full rotations.

  • I can close the absorption completely.

In the case of completely closed absorption the absorber is too hard. A completely closed tension stroke of the absorbers leads this to damage, has the loss of the warranty as consequence.

  • Do you assemble special productions?

We make each not listed product after customer's request. Also special desires (Upside down building method, outsourced expansion containers, pure racing suspension) can be met. Let you advise, like you see on our contact side.

  • Are the parts TueV examined?

All suspension-kits and brake systems are delivered, as far as differently does not note, with a road permission. All suspension-kits and brake-systems were tested for stability, corrosion, installation and driving tests to do justice to all requirements. The manufacturer manufactures according to ISO quality standards and maintains a quality management system.

  • Are other variants of the absorbers setup available?

The suspension-kits comes in Street & Sport setup delivered. But there is on special desire also other setups available  Informations about this you will find on our "technics"-site. For further informations and time for delivery please give us a call.

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